What are the Special Features of the Glass Bottle Sanding Process


The glass bottles are believed to have been seen.They are widely used in packaging. Glass bottles are used in medicine, beverages, cosmetics and other industries. Although they are fragile, they are certainly better than plastic bottles.
We all believe that glass bottle is a product of modern society, but after continuously unearthed glassware, ancient glass bottles have been widely used.

Glass Bottles

Sand grinding is a common glass bottle manufacturing process. It refers to immersing glass in a modulated acidic liquid(or applying an acidic paste) to erode the glass surface with strong acid, while hydrogen fluoride ammonia in a strong acid solution causes the glass surface to form crystals. Therefore, if the grinding process is done well, the surface of the grinding glass is unusually smooth, and the scattering of crystals produces a hazy effect. The cost of sand glass is higher than that of sandblasting glass, and the effect mainly depends on the user’s needs. Some unique glass is not suitable for grinding. From the perspective of pursuing nobility, sand should be chosen.