• glass bottle VT-GB-14
  • glass bottle VT-GB-14
  • UV Gold Cap Ball Glass Bottle

TYPE:Roll on bottle

NAME:VT-ROB-04 UV Gold Cap Ball Glass Bottle

Product Description

UV Gold Cap Ball Glass Bottle

Product  name:UV roll on bottle,glass perfume bottle, Split essential oil bottle, glass bottle

Material:Glass,Resin,Steel  boll



Color: Royal blue, pink, red, blue, rose, silver, purple


UV Silver Cap Ball Glass Bottle Characteristic
UV Gold Cap Ball Glass Bottle

Purpose: absorb or drop a small amount of liquid, such as reagents, perfume, essential oil, etc.

Composition: Glass dropper can not be used alone. It needs to be combined with rubber tap and bottle cap to form a rubber head dropper or a rubber head dropper cap.


The lower end of glass dropper has several shapes, such as straight point, bend point, straight round head, bend round head and flat head. The specifications of glass dropper are expressed by the length of the tube. They are commonly used as 48 mm, 58 mm, 64 mm, 70 mm, 77 mm, 90 mm, 108 mm. The glass dropper is about 0.05 ml.


Glass dropper can print calibration. The calibration is done by screen printing. Ink is printed on the surface of glass dropper and then annealed at high temperature.


UV Silver Cap Ball Glass Bottle technology

UV Gold Cap Ball Glass Bottle

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