Why Is The Status Of Glass Bottles Irreplaceable?


We have seen that although glass bottles account for no more than 8% of food packaging containers, they still have irreplaceable advantages in this packaging field and remain the preferred material for high-end foods in the short term.
Thorough purity, elegance and elegance are the charm of glass bottles. Compared with plastic bottles, its heavy and heavy feeling makes people feel more trustful; the unique visual effect of frosted glass bottles is far from being comparable to plastic bottles.

Glass Bottles

The glass bottle packaging food is going to the society for a hundred years. From the ancient handcraft to the current mechanism technology, the glass bottle packaging is the most healthy for the human body. It has been recognized by the society. Since the successful development of the glass bottle, it has quickly replaced the ceramic bottle. Packaging, now the global packaging protagonist, now with the development and progress of the society, plastic bottles have superior prices and want to surpass the position of glass bottles. In the past 30 years, plastic bottles have nearly 60% of the market packaging. However, the consequences are not ideal, and the plastic bottle garbage used everywhere has caused great pollution to the earth. Glass bottles are irreplaceable food packaging bottles. So far, 30 years have passed. The people have been inseparable from glass bottles. Plastic bottles are very harmful to the human body. The raw materials are from petrochemicals. They all know that long-term use is extremely harmful to the human body. It is said that glass bottles have been recognized by human beings and are irreplaceable food packaging bottles.