How to use empty perfume glass bottles


In today’s society, DIY has become the trend of today’s lifestyle. The new fashion that prevails on Instagram and Pinterest not only calls for work at home, but also seeks to recycle old objects. It is proposed to give empty perfume glass bottles a second life and turn them into vases.

Specifically, it is necessary to use pliers to disassemble the metal structure of the sprayer on the perfume glass bottle, carefully clean the bottle body, and then insert one or more flowers into it. Whether it’s flowers, silk flowers or dried flowers, whether you put it or not, they will be proud of the glass bottles that have stayed in your favorite aroma.
Of course, it is better if you use a bottle that is strong and wide.
We can also recycle glass packaging with some nail polish, liquid foundation, skin care products or body fragrance products. We can put small flowers, bath salts, exquisite jewelry inside, and use some bottles to drink pomegranate juice or milk on the straw (the straw must of course have colored strips, and only ensure that the bottle is washed very clean) in the case of).