Glass bottle development process


For the development of perfume glass bottles, the first is the design and production of drawings.
Due to their unique shape and requirements, each product must be produced and reviewed before the mold is produced. After confirming the feasibility of the product, the 3D model will be produced and proofed, and the mold development will be carried out after confirmation.

Perfume Glass Bottle
It takes about one month to open the mold. After the mold development is completed, the subsequent process proofing will be carried out. After the proof is confirmed, the mold will be opened and then produced.
The current volume of perfume glass bottles is: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml. In the production process, the online management of the bottle is carried out according to the capacity requirements. Perfume bottles require a higher appearance on the bottle. We will use the uniformity distribution of the material as the main appearance standard during production, and the size of the bottle must match the drawing and the matching data of the bottle head and the nozzle.