TYPE:Airless bottle


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Technical Parameters


Q: Can I refill the bottle? A: It will depend on the structure of the bottle. Some of the airless bottles are not refillable. Once the content is filled at the factory and sealed, the bottle is disposed upon emptying. Some are refillable. Once the bottle is empty, utilizing a sanitized stick type of tool, push the disc all the way down to the bottom and refill. A word of caution, only refill if you believe you are able to properly sanitize the bottle and re-purpose. Q: How do I know if my product is suitable for the airless bottle? A: Due to different make up of material, consistency, ph and other factors, the only way to find the answer is to perform proper fitness test. Fitness test is a must prior to production to ensure successful in product launch. Q: How do I fill the bottle? A: For larger production, the filling process is usually done by machine. If you are filling it by hand, make sure there is no air in the bottle as it will prevent the bottle working correctly. There are many YouTube videos you can view to learn about the filling process. Generally after a few practice, you should have no problem with filling the bottle.

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